Its My Birthday.

How dedicated am I to actually write a blog on my birthday ?! or maybe I just feel a tinchy bit guilty about not blogging very well at the moment. So here are a few photographs of random things that I have done today... I made my own cake with the help of Hayley and another picture of what my little car says to me <3



Hello, It has been a while and my excuse is that I have been working 29hours over the past 3 days. Not gunna lie I am shattered!. Here is a quick update for you... I'm 19 on Sunday (N) the Skirt is is slow progress... mainly because I am so terrified that I will be getting it wrong so wont actually touch it... but I will be eventually. I have been doing a little bit of research into my idea. Not too much just some places FMP ect. I don't have anything that I can currently upload right now other than a recent picture of my cat Custard... 



We Need More Piggys!

I was thinking that I hadn't blogged a micro pig in a while so here is yet another piggy.... awwwwh



Got my chair sorted for our next project. For the bargain price of £3 from a local dump. And after all its not about what it looks like now its about what it could look like. I am quite excited to get going with doing a chair again with a totally different project title. It is now half term so I have a week to finish off my skirt and I will hopefully have enough fabric to actually make it... The burning process was very time consuming but worth it in the end and I still haven't figured out how I'm going to attach the lace to my skirt.


I just realised that the love of my life has not been talked about on my blog. Professor Green is my babe! He is amazing and I love him!


BURN BURN BURN.... here are some pictures of my experimentation with the blow torch, we are still trying to figure out how to burn lengths of fabric instead of small bits but it is a little bit tricky as it is so delicate. But is all about the trial and error so the more you go at it the more likely it is going to work. Off to buy more washers tomorrow! I haven't got as many photographs of the final experimentation pieces as I thought so I will take better photos of the final outcomes at a later date.


So I have finally got my photographs off Oliver, and now you can see actual photos of the mood board. Today I had a nightmare day trying to make a toile of my skirt.. I wasn't feeling brilliant anyway and it just added to my agginess!! But in the end I gave up with actually using my paper pattern I had lovingly made and measured and decided to fit the toile to my body instead... this has sort of worked but now I am at a loss as to how I am going to make the pieces for my actual skirt.... Oh well here is my first post of the evening of my photographs.



I am currently watching glee and totally loving it, I am also at the same time trying to make a decent fashion illustration.. and I'm not going to lie it is quite annoying! On the plus side I got my fabric on Friday and I am going to get burning it all tomorrow! I have attempted to create a skirt pattern but it is totally not working so I am giving up until tomorrow on that. My plans for this evening are as follows 1. Finish some fashion illustrations 2. I need to get an early night 3. Pack my bag ready for tomorrow as I know I will end up forgetting something otherwise. 4. Try to get better... its ANNOYING me. Now back to college work. I wont forget my sd card tomorrow!!!

I found this on http://pallinad.blogspot.com/2010_02_01_archive.html
gives you an idea of what burning fabric can turn into.


It feels a little bit like I need to post more of my work on here..

Still haven't got round to getting my photos so I have resorted to taking a photography on my phone of my mood board! Slightly lame I know but it gives people an idea and I will eventually get round to uploading the actual images..... soon enough.
I am getting a bit carried away with researching for my BLACK skirt project, I have been looking at architecture in fashion and trying to come up with ideas to transfer techniques onto fabric. Fabric shopping tomorrow then will be experimenting on Monday with the blow torch and washers and metal.... I was even told today then I may be able to use chemicals on fabric to burn a pattern into things, but it is still a matter of sorting this out. Feeling positive and upbeat about pattern cutting tomorrow but it is a little bit daunting! Anyway I am off now and I must must must get some decent images of my experiments as well as some fashion illustrations that I am in the process of making.



the picture says it all really ..... can't wait to get hold of a lighter and burn these fabrics!!! I plan to take lots of photos and things of me burning away. I am going fabric shopping on Friday and plan to experiment all weekend!! Then hopefully on Monday make a lot more final decisions. I am dedicating this weekend to construction and experimentation. I am going to buy some synthetic fabrics as well as some natural fibres blah blah I am bored of writing now and need to head to the gym so will be a bit chirpier tomorrow.



I haven't  uploaded/ even got the photos off of ollie's memory stick yet but I will put that on my list of things to do for tomorrow. And it will put put up on here when I eventually do get them. So back to BLACK, we have been doing initial research and looking into skirt shapes fashion designers ect ect. I like the idea of creating my own melted/burn effects on my skirt out of fabric I make. I am going to begin to explore this tomorrow so who knows what will come of it. I am also looking at architecture in fashion and like the idea of creating a really structured piece through the use of fabric, as you can tell I am a little bit all over the place so good night.
Also here is an image of a card that actually cheered me up in the run up to valentines day...
bit of sneaky photography in the middle of the card shop ...



I received this book today and I have just started to read it before sleeping and I simply had to blog about it... yes it is a self help book but so far the 25 pages I have read so far have been bloody brilliant and I have to say I am already going to think about the way I think and the things I say a lot more.
Just had to be said really, I am loving this advice and pointers in this book and it is so obvious that this book really does relate to real life and more importantly my life!!!
Thank you... ( and you know who you are if you are reading this) 



So this weekend has consisted of doing copious amounts of research, my memory stick is now full to bursting with pages that must be printed out tomorrow.. yay for using up more print credits (not). Anyway enough of that, seeing as I couldn't be less of a fashion student if I tried I have really enjoyed looking into different sides of producing this skirt. I have had to look at fashion designers, illustrators and I have come across lots that I really like but I cannot post them all but I have decided to write about Garance Dore (hopefully that is how the name is spelt.) I came across these illustrations by accident I LOVE it when that happens your just casually pressing the mouse and boom it is in front of you eyes. I just love the cuteness (yuck) of these works, there is not really any other way of describing them. I love the simple lines and use of colour to compose the images and they look all the better for the simplicity. Both the images themselves and the use of text compliment each other. They evoke emotions and in a way tell a story.... ok so I don't have a clue what I am writing right now it seems quite silly reading it back. I am off now and will post the photos of my mood board tomorrow!






Today has consisted of printing a lot of things out like research and photographs of our mood boards that we created. I can not post photos of my mood board currently because me being the idiot I am forgot my SD card and had to use my friends but I will upload them in the next few days.. I also enjoyed being switched around and creating mood board for the others in our class and taking photos for them, because it allowed us to look at different  colours and items people had collected. Anyway here is a collage I created on polyvore.com out of the 3 I made this is my favourite.



is my colour for our fashion project, I am really happy with my colour as it will allow me to explore outside of my comfort zone. Not only is it fashion, which I am not the best at but it is also on a colour that I will have to find new ways of creating texture that isn't through print. I am rather excited about it, we have also been paired up and it will be very interesting on the catwalk!. I WANT TO BURN THINGS.. to develop inspiration and ideas I have been looking at fashion designers as well as fashion illustrators. I am enjoying looking at the construction of garments and looking at the ways in which different techniques have been used. So far I have looked at a lot of items associated with the colour black or items that are black. And have looked at the Victor and Rolf spring summer 2010 . I love the layers and the cutting, it is giving me ideas about slashing and burning and cutting and creating layers and texture that way.
and also life wouldn't be complete without a cute little micro pig!!



Today was the big day, of my first interview... and it really was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I got so much useful feed back and have learnt a lot about myself as well as the university. But obviously I cant really tell how it went until I hear back. But I feel a lot happier than I did yesterday, anyhow this is just a quick post of an amazing sweet shop near the uni  American lucky charms and sweets what more could you want...?  <3


Late Night Prep....

Just a quick post before I head to my bubble bath and bed before the big day tomorrow.... just been doing a few bits and pieces for tomorrow along with a little bit of the odd stuff we find to amuse ourselves during our lessons obviously between working. But first, today we got our new brief  which is for our fashion project, I am very much looking forward to trying something new out, basically we have all been given a colour as a starting point and our final out come is going to be a 5 paneled skirt, it can look how ever we want it to but it must be original and one of the items must be made from something you might not necessarily class as fabric. All very exciting and my colour is BLACK (which I am very happy with as it means that I wont be able to turn to screen printing and will have to try out new techniques... I have this whole image of slashing and burning going through my head..) but enough of that I need an early night!!! EEEEEPPPPPP totally nervous but I am going to do well!! But I will let you know how it goes...

This is a photo of all of us lot as I feel they need to be put on my blog, and the other photo is the wall of temptation.. basically a wall of attractive men to keep us "inspired" through the day...
 Here is a drawing that I have decided to add to my folio... not a brill picture but you get the idea.
And Finally the post isn't complete with out a lovely little micro pig now is it!