Some More Insane Pumpkins.

I haven't put a piggie up here for ages so here you go. It cheered me up!



So I forgot to take photos of my different mono print outcomes but I will be in the Red Shed later and will be able to put up some images of them then... Although I cannot blog about those I can blog about an exhibition I went to last Friday. V&A... Power Of Making...

Off the tube and down the tunnel and we arrived... I decided to visit this exhibition in particular because I loved the title and the FREE price tag is also very appealing being a student and all. The aim of this trip to London was to find an object or piece to write our first VMC (visual and materiel cultures) essay... JOY!
Anyway it was a good chance to have a mooch about and look at some lovely pieces.

But first we had to walk through the luscious gift shop! So many beautiful things so little money! :( but I have got a few Christmas presents in mind ( only 59 days left!) We found this book that is basically an adult colouring in book which was amazing I want! And we also saw these flat packed beautiful birds and animals that you build yourself just lovely. Anyway back onto the topic in hand.

A prosthetic suit for Stephen Hawking with Japanese steel made by Micheal Rea... this was a pretty impressive way to start the exhibition.. I am still in the process of thinking about what I can write about as there was so many things that really caught my attention... but I have only decided to post a few.

Although I am not into fashion I was immediately drawn to this dress made out of over 100,000 dressmakers pins... totally amazing to look out but I feel would be a pain to wear... I'm too funny sometimes. 

Crochet Bear... made entirely from crochet 

'Alphabet', pencil-tip structures, Dalton Ghetti, USA. All of the leads of the pencils have been hand crafted into the letters of the alphabet so amazing!

Finally the L shaped suitcase that I am totally in love with made by Sarah Williams I just love its beauty and the amount of thought and effort that has gone into it! I would recommend this exhibition to anyone who wanted a fairly light hearted but engaging day out.. the exhibit is small but I liked the intimacy and the almost informal feel. It was a good chance to look at lots of new and exciting things and actually explore the meanings behind pieces you wouldn't of known by just looking at them.



So yesterday was spent in our excellently equipped workshop in the red shed. And it was to dive back into the good old technique that is mono printing... I have forgotten to actually take picture of the techniques but I will when I am back in the studio.. tomorrow. But I do have some pictures of us all hard at work. 

We learnt 3 different ways of printing... first was the way we were taught at college ( putting the paper onto the ink and drawing to create an image. Next was by getting a slate covering it with ink again drawing an image onto the paper and removing it to reveal a negative image then putting that through the press. And finally again getting a inked slate but draw an image on with some orangey oily stuff to remove the ink and then being able to add in a different coloured ink to get a more water coloured effect.

All in all I think we had a pretty successful day. We all got 9 or more fairly decent prints + a few rubbish ones...

Mine and Ellie's initial images that we wanted to play with... they soon turned into something else. But anyway I shall put some picture up of the outcomes soon.


Mood Boards

So just a quick post to show you some of my work from uni... well specifically 2 mood boards. We have now been exploring 3 particular colour trends Urban Neutrals, Oriental Nomad and Instinct... we have had to create endless strips of colour to match said trends and have now moved onto creating various mood boards to match 2 of the 3 trends. Gosh that sounds awfully long and boring. Excuse the poor photo quality but here they are.

 Urban Neutrals.... started off looking like the above... which worked but did not flow as well as my second way of putting it together....

And Instinct... I like the way the components travel and flow together.

Anyway that is all from me for today... I will take some better quality photos next time. We have now moved into our final stages of this project and we are now concentrating on creating our research books... I will explain more about this in my next post in a few days.


Bits & Bobs

So... been a little bit manic over the past few days (long story.) I have decided instead of writing about my work at uni I have decided to go totally off topic and share with you some amazing things I have discovered over the past few days!

Firstly ..... VAJAZZLED PUMPKINS!! some may say tacky...

.... but I say AMAZING!!! 

Secondly TOWIE (the only way is Essex) have birthday cards!!! Loves it!

Thirdly this amazingly cute magazine full of totally inspirational stuff... subscription for Christmas I think so!

And finally one of my favourite pages out of this edition... titled
" it's time to fall back in love with being lost "

and I just fell in love ... it is all about finding new places and seeing new things <3 




Well.... my life consists of drawing drawing oh and more drawing. Drawing with your wrong hand, drawing in 30 seconds, drawing holding the end of a pencil, drawing with a partner both guiding the pen...the list goes on and on.BUT ALL HAVE TO BE A CONTINUOUS LINE DRAWINGS! . I am not too keen on very many of mine but the one I do like I have decided to post now.

But of course I haven't posted anything really cute in a long long time so here is Boo the Pomeranian. I literally didn't even believe this was a real dog!