More Screen Printing... and other things

 I have decided to upload some more photos of my screen printing I have done today, I love the way the gree and the deep purple look together on another trial I did, so I decided to do it all over again...
 I began to think more about composition and concentrated on trying not to let the ink bleed...
Here is a bit of a rubbish picture of the piece of fabric I printed today.. you cant really see the imagery but oh well...
Also I love love micro pigs and this pot bellied piglet made me chuckle lots <3 anyone fancy sending me one I would love it!!!



Today I woke up and decided that I wanted to post another post today, I was flicking through my book and decided to take some photos of little bits and bobs that are on my pages rather than actual outcomes. I am worried that I need to do some more technique work so that is what I plan to do this weekend/when we go back to college on Monday! And of course had to put in a snap shot of Gilbert from the Morgana Show!!! I love it..



So I finally finished my essay, now back to my booking a charity project that is due in on Tuesday, before then I have to create my pages, gather some envelopes, stamps, pens, ect. So I can make a piece that I can be proud of. Today we had a group crit it was good to listen to other people discuss their projects and have some constructive feed back from peers. Got a couple of ideas myself. I am so so so tired and can not wait to jump into bed tonight and hopefully sleep all the way though. Also this week I have managed to create two more pages in my folio which has taken a huge weight off my mind.

I am totally loving every minute of college atm even the hard times, I don't really want to think of the little time we have left together. But anyway I need to get on with getting to bed but before I do I am going to post some things I found on poppytalk.blogspot.com under : link love that have made me smile and could perhaps spur some inspiration. Above : http://poppytalk.blogspot.com/2010/05/link-love_21.html
Above : http://poppytalkhandmade.com/table60

The reason I posted this is because it made me smile and even tho I HATE VALENTINES DAY this is really sweet.


Screen Printing

Well today has been the day that I spent 6 out of the 8 hours I spent at college today screen printing.. and I still have allot to do!! I haven't been on here for a while so here is a quick update, the essay is nearly done.. oops. The booking a charity project is due in on Monday? I best get my bum in gear and actually make the book!! oh and cushions.. putting myself under a bit to much pressure at the moment but hey ho that's life. Less than a week till my first uni interview.. scared much, I am trying not to think about it but it is very hard!
Here are a few snaps of my progression from the first fairly messy try out to hopefully a better piece of print. 

 I did some smaller try outs on scraps of fabric and things just to play about with the imagery that I put together for my screen.

Doing this enabled me to think of more ideas that I can continue with tomorrow and can put onto cushions and things..



I should be sleeping right now... but instead my body has decided that I am not allowed to. In the boredom of insomnia I was flicking though my phone and came across a photo I had taken on my phone of our textiles studio sink... and I personally think it looks quite pretty but anyway pretty pointless thing to upload but I love how it is all blue with a little bit of red and yellow... HA what am I going on about its a sink... Anyway best get back to stamping and blagging my way through my project SHHHH ;)



I am currently in the middle of writing at 3,000 word essay.... doesn't sound like to much but it is totally stumping me, I can't stand essays!! But its something that has to be done. Not going to lie I have done a lack of work this weekend for the project such as book work but on the plus side I found an ink pad finally on Friday just not had the time to try it out! :) I should be cracking on with this essay but inspiration has deserted me!! So instead I have decided to upload a photograph of something that made me smile this week... this cushion was a cushion I found either on etsy and it made me giggle!



This weekend I plan to ...... A) write my essay that may be slightly late.. opps. B) photograph my finished bunting. I HAVE ACTUALLY DONE THIS BEFORE FINISHING THE POST!!! C) figure out some more folio pages. D) do some more work on my current project such as designing pages and the actual book. And that seems like an awful lot to try and squeeze into a weekend!!! I am also starting to worry about uni interviews and things what if my work isn't good enough keeps flying in and out of my head... agggghhhhh anyway cant leave this post without a cheeky photo of some work ect so here it is my finished bunting photos!!


I have also found out that I will be taking part in a project with the TATE its too exciting!! But will post more on that after Monday when we have actually  got some more info on it!! Tate and Unilever are also working together on The Unilever Series: turbinegeneration, a project which enables schools across the world to explore contemporary cultural issues through art. For more info visit http://www.tate.org.uk/modern/unileverseries/

I have also posted a photograph of Ellie's cakes she kindly made for us all lemony and lovely!! Thank you Ellie!!!! <3 


Just A Quick Update.

Been a little while so a quick update is in order. Today I visited Bucks New University with Gayle, met some ex Alton college students who are now 3rd years and had a good look around with Paul. I found the work inspiring and has made me even more nervous about my interview on the second!! The current project is going well, I am planning to screen print all day onto lots of different surfaces and things. here's hoping they look good!! I have been working on a few experimental things and liked this heart so decided to post it .


HMMM.... It still needs more work

Here are some photographs of my semi finished bunting, I am trying to decide if imagery on every other flag would be a good idea. I am also going to space them out a bit more on the string... but for a first attempt not too bad!


As most of you are aware bunting has become somewhat of a trend at the moment, so I decided that today I would attempt to make bunting from one of my objects (the book) to make some paper bunting. Here are a few snaps of the working progress before I head out to by my string and inking stamp!! Not amazingly good quality but you get the idea!! I will be uploading the finished thing later today if all goes well...


The Cutest Thing Ever!

I want one...... nuff said!

The First Post

This is basically for me to show people (if anyone is looking) my work. Just before Christmas both the foundation students and the btech students were putting together our portfolios. Hours of printing, double sided sticky tape and a lot of moaning but hopefully things will finally pay off as we begin our interviews for university. Anyhow here are some of my photographs of one of my favourite outcomes my chair <3