I am getting slack...

Goodness it has been to to too long. And in all honesty I do not really have any excuse for it. I shall from now on make sure I blog at least twice a week during FMP (final major project)... Yes it is here already and Yes I am SH*T scared. It has been so long that I cannot remember what I last blogged... must have been something to do with the Brighton project. I am rubbish and have forgotten to upload the images so I am therefore pointlessly blogging it may seem... My next working title is Dumpster and this is an image that I found on flickr that really inspired me... to some people this may seem like a totally odd thing to find inspiration from but when I go a bit more into details in later posts you may just start to get it. To quickly sum it all up is ... the dump, scrap yards, restoration, up cycling, "turning ugly things into beautiful things"



It has been ages since I have posted something, and I do not really have an excuse for it... other than I have finished the chair part to my Brighton project. I have used an image transfer technique on the base of my chair as well as paint etc... then I have today finished sanding it all back. And I also have finished the seat of my chair as well. I feel it may need a little bit of tweaking before the hand in date but I am slowly warming to it. Here are some of the photos that I have taken along the way.. will upload the finished pictures tomorrow when I have taken some. Gives you and idea but this is when it hasn't been sanded back or anything it looks a lot different now. And the print below is now attached to seat of the chair and the whole thing is now complete.... now I have to figure out what to do for my canvas and I need to strip back my lampshade.
Over and Out!



Just a quick update on the chair front, just finished painting the first layer of paint... it is looking slightly dodgey as I could not really see as the sun went down. But I am thinking first coat is meant to look messy so I can re paint it to look pristine, the sand it back down again for the distressed look I want. Here are a couple of photos. Also this weekend bought a further 3 chairs so now including this chair I have 5 ready and waiting to be re vamped and given a new lease of life.



Just got back from a beautiful day in Brighton, perfect blue sky and sunshine... what more could you want? other than fish and chips but obviously they weren't left out of the equation. I have had a fantastic day wondering all over Brighton taking photographs and eating too much food. I have uploaded the photographs and here are a few that I really like. I have got the idea of using street names, and the stickers you see stuck all over Brighton as my inspiration for this project, I cannot wait to get stuck into coming up with some imagery and getting a screen in so that I can get onto the printing side of things.  

All in all an amazing trip and a lovely day... thank you.


I Do Love The Dump

 Well, I have had another rummage at the dump. Yesterday I found the chest of draws I need but couldn't fit it into my little Micra so went back today with the bigger car, but it had been sold :( but on the plus side I did buy another lovely chair. It doesn't have a padded base though so I will have to get making one when I get round to my FMP (final major project). I need to keep searching for bits and bobs and fingers crossed I can get something sooner rather than later. Anyway we are all off to Brighton tomorrow for a college trip as our next interior project is based on it. I am looking forward to heading to the lanes and taking some lovely photos even if it is raining but fingers and toes crossed it wont be! Anyway this is the chair he did set me back £5 but it has got a lot of detailing on and the more I look at it the more I feel inspired



Breakfast at Tiffany's

 I am also sat here with my cold watching breakfast at tiffany's for the first ever time, I have been looking at both the fashion side of the film and the interior side. It has a lot of similarity's to what we see around today, although I am not sat studying it I have been looking at the wallpapers and a bath that has been chopped in half and turned into a sofa!! and thinking wow this was about then and it has either come back into fashion now or has remained here. Its really inspiring. Not only is it a beautiful film it is also beautifully put together with the sets and costumes, not to mention the icon that is Audrey Hepburn. I am just on a scene where they are in a taxi, it is really funny because the steering wheel is moving but the drivers frozen in the shot things like this add to the romance and the innocence of the film. Although this doesn't really appeal to me in a project kind of way those of you who are inspired by old films and things should really consider how amazing a project based on this kind of thing could be.

Here is the bath tub sofa that I spoke about both the original from the film and a more modern bathtub sofa with a vintage 70's print... its safe to say I am in LOVE but not for the price tag of $1,700

I do love America.

My dad has just got home from the amazing city of Las Vegas, so I have decided to share with you several images of the yummy treats he has bought back. Key lime pie flavored chewing gum and strawberry shortcake, obviously lucky charms and Hershey's cookies and cream for my sister (yuck) . I wish that England had some more interesting sweets than it does, I feel like life would be a lot more interesting and a lot more fun! 


YAY !!

Well I finally nearly ish finished my skirt.. photos will be uploaded soon of both mine and Jess's photoshoot when we do it. Trying to sew the rubber waistband has been a nightmare today for pretty much everyone !! We have our new brief so its bye bye fashion and a MASSIVE HELLO to interiors again!! I can not wait to get into this project although I have really enjoyed making this skirt and approaching a totally different style that I am used to. In all honesty it really has not been as bad as I thought it would be!! and my skirt actually fits shock horror! I have a few of the photos of my skirt in the process of being completed.. So here it is until I begin my journey of making another chair... I aim to make this a lot better than my other one and I can not wait to get back into screen printing <3 aaahhh