So I have arrived at Bucks New University! Only just got the internet in my house but now I do I have no excuse not to keep my blog updated. So we started last Monday and were pretty much put to work. It has been so nice to actually do something creative again, but I am not going to lie it has been a little bit of a culture shock. So here is where I will be spending the next year, it is not a very clear picture but this is what it looked like when I arrived last week....

I have since put up my photographs of my summer work and begun our first project. So it now looks a little bit more different. I am loving it here at BUCKS... I have got myself a job working at New Look. And am allowing myself to get really stuck in. We are have currently just finished making sculptures out of the items we collected over the summer. And have been hammering them into the wall to contrast our original photographs. I have been concentrating on making my metallic items soft by wrapping them in threads to get away from the harshness of the metal. 

This is my space when the sculptures hadn't been made as you can see it was a little bit hectic but hey ho I wanted to make my mark.

The photos stayed like this for a good few days.. but when it got to making sculptures I realised that they would get lost amongst the photos so had to spread them out and give them some space. 
Here are some of my little sculptures made from the items I collected over the summer.

So that's just about it for today... I will be back in a few days to update!