Been A Long Old Time

So it has been a very long time since I last posted on here.. Been a tough few weeks but I won't go into that on here. So we are now doing the print project. And it is safe to say it is very tiring! So we are heading into the dye lab next Thursday to mix up our chosen colour palette. I took some photos of the choosing process of the colours. 

It was important that we had a range of light, mid and dark shades I began by looking for some more pastel colours as I wanted to approach the paisley design in a different way and not go and use the traditional colours associated with your average paisley.

I then decided to look at more bright colours and use them as accent colours to pop out of my final print when it has been made.

My final colour palette.

My theme I have chosen to work with is Aztec as it is very in trend at the moment and I also have a little obsession with the pattens and textures. I plan to combine the Aztec theme with the paisley and hopefully come up with 3 successful prints. But for now it is draw draw paint draw paint paint paint!!!

And finally just some of my drawings. Sorry for the poor quality of photos but they were taken on my phone as it was all I had to hand....