So the show is down... :( no more Alton college... until Monday when I am going in to lend a hand on a taster day. Doing nothing textiles related is getting so so so boring! I am working lots of shifts at my job but it really is not curing my boredom!

On the other hand I have FMP things to sell!!! I have 9 cushions available to purchase. Smaller ones are £10 the larger are £15 all proceeds are going to my lacking university funds. I do apologize for the poor lighting in the photographs. Please get in touch if you would like to purchase any of them. givernysimm@hotmail.co.uk

Small Toaster

Small Iron

Large Dump Print

Large Bush Radio Print

Small Iron

Small Trolley

Large Bush Radio

Small Trolley

Small Toaster

I also am selling all my 6 chairs ranging from £40 to £50 pounds will be putting some more photos up soon.



It's pretty much all over... the show comes down on Friday then it is bye bye to the three years I have spent at Alton College. It is all a little bit surreal, cannot believe I will be heading to uni in September. I decided to upload some picture of what my final space looks like.. how I am going to sell all these cushions I don't know! Any enquirers about the chairs or cushions please email me  givernysimm@hotmail.co.uk.



A little taster of what is to come.... stickers, badges and shelving eeep not too much to do then... so tired but so happy.



It's safe to say I am shattered but there is no stopping for me just yet! I finished printing last week well the printing of my final pieces.. the list is still very long on the book side of things but I am ploughing through with little sleep... but the plan for tonight is bath and bed by half 9 and asleep by 10 (whether this will happen is another story.) I have redone my greetings cards and will be able to upload some photographs of the finished ones by tomorrow. On another exciting note... my trolley full to bursting with cushions and my 6 chairs are in my exhibition space ready to be joined by my framed prints and some decal stickers to fill the walls. It hasn't really sunk in that I have made all these items as I haven't properly stood back and looked at it all. Anyway here is a picture of my full to bursting trolley which I love!



Yesterdays Picnic

Pretty Much Sums That Up..

Slight Floor In My Plan

So I made 15 Cushions ... and only needed 6 to fill it up. Now I have to decide how to display the others because they all need to go in my space. It looks quite nice though.. These cushions were pretty much thrown in for the real thing I will place and stack them a bit more neatly.



I didn't have the energy or the motivation to put the cushions in the trolley to try out how it will be looking in my space. But I have come back onto my blog to write some bits and bobs... The plan for tomorrow is as follows, sand and re paint my chairs that are painted because they are a little lumpy. Then to the dump to find some more frames for my prints to display in my space. Then head to college finish up the printing of the framed pieces, all in all a bit of a busy day. I plan to do this all by lunchtime! Then picnic time depending on the weather. I cannot quite believe how much I have produced in a week. Feeling proud but I will be even more proud when I have my space filled and book work completed ... the list is endless. Anyway I am off to bed now ready for an early start tomorrow. Good Night All. 

So so cute.


Yes thats right... all 15 cushions have been made! and 2 framed prints only 3  or 4 more to go! Got to head to the dump again to see if I can get anymore frames early in the morning. But I have to say I am well and truly shattered. Again some temporary photos of the cushions I cannot wait to put them into my trolley... in fact I may come back in a couple of hours and show you if they all fit (please do as I am not repeat NOT making any more!) 

You get the idea...


13 Cushions... 2 more to Go!

I am not to keen on the prints but they look nice and I needed to add to the collection of cushions and decided to brave a singular radio on its own. And yes it is supposed to be not central.. 
Two more to print and make and then onto filling the frames with some prints.