Dump Chair Done!

All chairs are officially finished.. just got to touch up the last bits of paint on the chairs and that is a thing I can cross off my HUGE to do list. I didn't plan on printing today but I decided that whilst the print table was empty that I would take my chances. I had planned to print some more fabric for my cushions but decided to finish the chair off instead.... will hopefully be able to print some more tomorrow if we have some time after the fashion show rehearsals and Gayle hasn't run away to the other side of the world with the stress. If not hopefully Wednesday  anyway here is the picture of the new chair and dump style print of all the imagery...


Succesful Trip To The Dump Once Again.

I have returned from the dump with the 5 frames I need for my prints that will be put on the wall in my space and another really lovely chair that I am going to print all my imagery onto to emphasize the feeling of it being a dump and to make the other dump cushions (with all the imagery on relevant.) I am looking forward to seeing the textiles girls and Gayle for some reason it feels like I haven't seen them all in ages when its only been 3 days nearly 4... role on the fashion show rehearsals!  I didn't see the point in uploading pictures of the frames because they are just frames but I will be putting up photos of the finished prints nicely framed when I can...

Also Steve if you are reading this HINT HINT!!

11 Down 4 to print and make...

So here are the final 3 cushions I could make... I am annoyed that I didn't just stay at college and print 4 more cushions but such is life... so its bank holiday Monday and I was at work till 2:15 am last night but it was a wedding so it was quite fun. And this morning I produced these cushions and remade the cushions that I had sewn together wrong so all in all a pretty successful morning/afternoon. And now to tackle the mess that is my room and finally see the carpet again so I can use our brand new hoover! (wow this is how exciting my life is right now) Then back to work but only till 10:00pm YAY! Anyhow here are the results. Nikon battery died so had to use the trusty blackberry so picture quality is a bit rubbish. 


Eight out of Fifteen DONE!

Some basic photos I took today of my cushions still have 7 to do but hopefully they will be done by the end of Monday, let the time get away today needed to go and find some frames for some more prints but I have tomorrow until 5 then I head back into work. Plan for the week is to finish printing finish cushions then book work book work book work!! 

My Favorite Ones based on the trolley.

Stack them up.

Anyway I am off to work again will update tomorrow when the rest of the prints turn into cushions. 


Some More Stuff






Having a little bit of a mare with these cushions I am making 15 fun stuff. LOVE my space just got to get my act together and jobs a gooden.

Final Printed chair the trolley one! Got lots of work to be doing and lots of photos that need taking and well lots of everything to be doing and thinking about!!!! eeeeeeeeeppppp!


3 Down 3 to Go

Well here are 3 of my chairs... I am not too sure if I like the radio one so may have to swap it with a different chair....but you get the idea.


Printing Printing Printing.. at home :)

Here are some photos of my printing skills at home.. yes thats right Brooke has made us a portable print table and I have been fortunate to try it for the first time at home.. so here is a quick post of my telephone inspired print for one of the six of my chairs. Sorry it has been so long but I have been busy stressing out and annoying everyone around me with my paddy's ... to be honest I am still freaking out so much to do so little time. Will update in the week... with hopefully some more inspired prints.



2 of the 3 chairs painted white... the other one has been done but I have no photographs as of yet. The 3 chairs are also going to be painted blue, green and pink very pastel colours. Not bright and in your face. Will be doing that once I have returned from printing some trial runs of my prints.



Some of my imagery... to give you an idea. STRESSING OUT MASSIVELY!!!