I'm Back!

See I told you that I would be back I am currently watching toy story 3 so decided to put up a picture of my fave characters. PEAS IN A POD!!! They are too cute!

Gosh It's Been A Long Old Time!

I have been rubbish over the last month, what with trying to find a place to live in at uni and earning the money to be able to go to uni I am sorry to say that I have forgotten to blog. And the not being able to do anything textilesey has also no helped. I have been used to either screen printing or making a cushions and now to not do anything but work and work. There is not anything very exciting to blog about. I am going to make more of an effort to blog about anything and everything. Starting with this random photograph I captured on my phone on my little walk today..... Btw I have a house for uni!! FINALLY. And I'm not going to lie I am getting a little bit more excited now that is all sorted. I cannot wait to get down to IKEA and other home-ware stores and pick out some bargains to fill my room!! I guess I will have to blog about other peoples creations instead of my own until September!!

And here is a photo I took of the sky reflected in the Frensham Little Pond on our BBQ...