I am still here.

 Been too long once again but I was just avoiding my terrible print project. Never ever thought I could hate print but it just goes to show things do change. I'm sure if I gave it another go it would all go a lot better. I felt like I had never printed before the inks we had to mix up were horrid!!! But I did enjoy doing the devore and bleach prints. So I am now onto the knit project using a single bed knitting machine. It is all very confusing and taking me a lot of time to work out but I am getting there slowly and surely. We have been given a designer and a period of time in which to research and produce some samples of knit around about a4 size using a wide range of techniques and materials should be challenging but at the moment I am liking this knitting business.

First ever bit of knitting!!!! I was pretty excited I later changed colour and made it striped!

Creating things called lace holes. Basically making little holes in the knit.

But I forgot one key thing that happened in Wycombe SNOW!

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